Jugendkader Rheinland

One one of my many hours on Instagram I came across the page of Jugendkader Rheinland, a lot of riders were members of this team. But what was the team exactly? And what is a Kader? We don’t have teams yet in the Netherlands so I was very interested to hear what the Jugendkader Rheinlad is all about. Hannah Stolz, also a rider from the Kader will tell us about the team:


The Jugendkader Rheinland is a team of young and talented riders.  One of the founders was Walter Feldmann. For a long time, he trained the team together with Astrid Paulus and Heinz Pinzdorf.  After their resignation in 2015, Nadja and Ralf Wohllaib took over the position as trainer. Walter Feldmann still supports the team until today. In addition to training, the trainers take care of the team’s mental state as well as the last preparations on the competition. Nadja and Ralf have been on the Icelandic horse scene for a long time. Nadja got into the Icelandic horses after she bought a cheap paperback on the different breeds.  Together they are 13 times German champion and 5 times Mid European Champion. they were part of the WC-Equipe seven times. Ralf rode two more times in the breeding and was able to achieve the first place by the seven-year-old stallions and second place by the seven-year-old mares.
Together they have been a very successful team for a long time.

You can join the team by registering for the sighting through an association in the IPZV Rheinland.  You can join already in the children’s class.  If you are a young or child class rider you should be able to ride harder tests, so that you have the opportunity to qualify for the German Youth Championships.  The highlights should be the German Youth Championships and the NRW Championships.  The current team includes 19 riders and the youngest member is 10 years old.  Some of the riders also ride for other nations such as Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We meet several times during the competition season for a whole weekend. Important aspects are focusing on the basic work and the test riding as we all want to improve our riding, but also the deeper understanding of our horses. Due to the fact, that we are, like our horses, competitive athletes, we do some group workouts each morning of our trainings. It is quite fun, as you can see on our Instagram! We do not only support each other, but we also get a lot of support from the outside, like our sponsors. This year we are really proud  to be able to widen our popularity to international sponsors. Hence, we are, for example, equipped with blankets and halters from TopReiter, bits from GSbidet and many more. We are really thankful for the support of well-known companies, as well as our parents, who make everything possible for us and our horses.

Hannah thank you for this text about the Kader, I really think it’s nice to have a team an to have a safe environment to learn for young riders. Maybe we should think of such a system for Dutch riders also… If you want to know more about Jugendkader Rheinland, then take a look at their Instagram profile @jugendkaderrheinland or you can find them on Facebook.

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